I don’t even recognize the lady on left! That person was out of shape, depressed, out of energy, wishing life could better better, negative and stuck.

Very stuck!

I was stuck in a body that didn’t feel like my own, and I was stuck in a job when I wanted to be home with our new baby girl!

I thought, “Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be because I’m a mom now. Maybe I’ll just be overweight now, and maybe I’ll always have to work.”

I didn’t see a way out.

From the 130’s to 199 Lbs.

I went from the 130’s up to 199 the day she was born.

I was a gymnast, dancer, runner, cheerleader growing up so going from the 130’s up to 199 was a BIG jump for me! I wasn’t OK with it either.

I tried to get in shape on my own by going walking everyday for an hour with my baby. I even tried adding jump roping and going to the gym. I did this for 6 months, and the progress was SLOW!

I saw my cousin’s wife use a workout at home and lose 80 lbs. I said, “Whatever she did, I want to do that too!”

“So I jumped in and did the 90 day workout program. I felt awesome! I loved the meal plan, and the workout calendar. I loved my results too! So I did another program after that for 60 days, and got in good enough shape to run a 1/2 marathon!

I Had a Plan

I got better results than I did working out at a gym! Now I had a PLAN! A step by step plan to get results!

Two years later after baby #2, I learned that I could coach others using these at home workouts and meal plans. So I started a company that eventually turned into an LLC called, “GolladayFit” to help women get their bodies back after having their babies!

We helped hundreds of women in the USA and Canada. It was so rewarding! I loved seeing the transformations and helping others. You can visit my first blog here- www.GolladayFit.com

It was so rewarding to help these women transform their lives for the better. They lost weight, got toned, ran 1/2 marathons for the first time and LOVED life again!

It was awesome!

My Life has Transformed

My life has transformed for the better in the past 5 1/2 years because I started coaching women on their health and fitness goals!

It has helped me to:

– Get my body back!
– Wear smaller sized clothes than I did in high school
– Overcome difficult challenges because I wasn’t focused on myself. I focused on others, and it pulled me through.
– Quit working at an office job and earn more than I did as a Public Relations Director.
– Work from home and I can be home with our girls everyday.
– Become a better version of myself
– Surround myself with some amazing people I get to work with everyday
– And so much more

Pure Results Fitness

I changed the name of my company to Pure Results Fitness at the end of 2016. Our mission is to help families create a better life. I love our mission and what we do for people.

When I was stuck in my fitness journey, I wanted a plan, a support system so I wasn’t alone.

So we created that with Pure Results Fitness. Now people have a step by step plan they can do from home, get the support they need, and they get awesome results. 🙂

Ready to get Started?

I specialize in working with women who were former athletes growing up like me, and they want their body back.

Join my FREE, health and fitness group on Facebook to get a “taste” of what it’s like to work with me. I work with people in the USA, Canada, and the U.K.

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Shannon Golladay is a former competitive gymnast, dancer, runner, cheerleader who wanted her body back after she had kids. She found herself tired, overweight and wishing she had her body back after her first baby was born. She found a way to not just lose the weight, but also gain energy, and get toned by doing workouts and following simple meal plans at home. In December 2011, she decided to pay it forward and help other former athletes get their bodies back. She loves helping women live life with energy, purpose and drive again!