“It’s Impossible” – said pride… “It’s risky” – said experience… “It’s pointless” – said reason

“Give it a try” – whispered the heart

Team Pure Results is made up of moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, working professionals who work part or full-time, etc. Some of us are stay-at-home moms. Some are nurses, teachers, personal trainers, accountants, lawyers, nurse practitioners, bankers, work in retail, etc. We are all different, and have our own individual stories. We have the same purpose. We help families create a better life by starting with the parents. We help parents get in shape and make healthy living a lifestyle so they can teach their children to live healthier lives.

When people go through our health and fitness challenges, they love their results and want to pay it forward! We have a simple, 3 step process to help people start their own health and fitness business while continuing to work in their current job. This helps parents to earn extra money for their families for Christmas gifts, to pay off a car, save for retirement, go on more family trips, and even replace a part or full-time income.

Most of us stop dreaming when we become adults. We stop going for big goals, and we get stuck in a rut. Clocking in and out of our day jobs, getting caught up in the stress of day to day life, just making it day by day and not really living life to the fullest!

We help parents set big goals and reach them. When we help the parents dream again, it helps their children and grandchildren believe that they can set big goals and reach them too.

It all starts with the parents to help them create a better life so they can pay it forward to their families.

When you join our team of coaches, you will learn how to create and run a solid business. This is not “get rich quick” scheme. Just like ANY job, you have to put in the work and effort to start seeing a consistent income for yourself. You’ll learn, grow and become a better person as you get your business off the ground.

We are here to work together and lift each other UP! We are happy when our team members succeed. Together we are stronger, and together we help people get PURE RESULTS with their health, fitness and business goals.


If you would like to join our incredible team to join us in our mission to help families create a better life,  please click here to watch a video to learn more. -www.PureResultsFitnessCoach.com  


Then you can click here to fill out an application to apply to join our team. I am selective with the people I personally work with and mentor. I’ve created a full-time income for three years in a row to help support our family financially. I will run with you if you are ready to run, but I won’t pull you along. This is your business. I am here to give you the tools and support you need to succeed.

I am excited to talk to you and help you get started!

All the best,

Shannon Golladay
Founder of Pure Results Fitness